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If you are a trader looking for profitable opportunities with integrated risk & trade management then TradeVisor™ is the software for you.

How TradeVisor Works?

About TradeVisor™ for US Stocks & ETFs

TradeVisor™ is a web based trade analysis platform providing End of the Day (EoD) Analysis. The Analysis is updated every trading day at about 7PM Eastern time. Key features of the platform include:

  • No software to install on your computer.
  • Access any time and from anywhere, using a web-browser.
  • Complete trade tracking from Entry to Exit.
  • Easily filter trade opportunities based on price, volume, current trade gain, Q/Q Growth, Y/Y Growth, Dividend, P/E Ratio and many more parameters.
  • Combine Fundamental analysis filters with Technical filters.
  • A number of unique algorithm based features to help you with your trade selection.
  • Integrated trade chart, real-time chart by TradingView, company information, Quarterly and Yearly reported earnings, stock specific news and 2 year algorithm trading history.

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The finest web based Algorithmic trade advisor and Technical market scanner.
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TradeVisor™ Product Features

  • Covers approx. 3500 US Stocks & ETFs.
  • Only stocks traded on NASDAQ, NYSE & AMEX.
  • Analysis updated daily around 7 PM ET.
  • Accessible by Browser 24x7.
  • Trade handholding from Entry to Exit.
  • Daily Stop Loss updated for each active trade using Adaptive Stop Loss Algorithm.
  • Daily & Weekly chart displayed side by side for every symbol
  • Live Stock news feed for Stock Research
  • Live Stock charts (15 min. delayed) for every symbol
  • Portfolio Management
  • Rich Technical Indicators mapping and search for a trade
  • Search/Filter trades based on Moving Average Stategies and other parameters
  • Search/Filter trades based on RSI-14, Bollinger Bands and MACD
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