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priceSeries is an algorithmic trade identification company based in Silicon Valley, USA. We currently provide trading research for US Markets. The founders are engineers who have been trading in US markets for a long time. Our products and services attempt to fill the voids we have observed in our own trading process. We have built our service to provide better trading opportunities and:

  • Enhanced Trade Control

    Algorithmic or automated trading in the world markets is on a rise. We use the Machine intelligence to identify trading opportunities in the market. Our approach is to provide full control to traders so that they can take preventive measures when markets move into adverse direction.

    TradeVisor™ takes an hybrid approach to enabling availability of automated trading signals while still allowing the "gut-feel" of the trader to take control of a trade if market situation demands so.

  • Reduced Trading Complexity

    The art of successful trading does not come easily. Most people depend on technical analysis or pattern trading to identify buy/sell opportunities. However, the results of trading differ from one equity to another. Why does a trading set-up which worked last time fails the very next time? Reality is, Technical Analysis is complex and produces variable results. Our service attempts to minimize the complexities faced by traders.

    TradeVisor™ attempts to simplify a trader's decision making process by providing all technical and statistical information related to a trade on a single Web page. We have created unique statistical indicators such as, ReliabilityScore™, Adaptive stop loss, Top Picks, 2 years of actual trading history including losses, to help make quick and accurate decisions.

  • Focus on Results, not Technology

    It is easy for a trader to fall prey to new trading technologies. An important question is to ask what does the technology give back in return? If the results are disappointing then even the greatest technology is meaningless.

    At priceSeries, we focus on delivering results and we have made our past performance results public. We look at technology as a tool to drive the results. All our algorithms are driven by this ideology.


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Rajesh has been an active equities and options trader in US markets for over 20 years. He has been following Algorithmic trading since it's inception and has been researching on building successful trading models. Rajesh has lived and worked in Silicon Valley for over 25 years and has held several engineering and management positions at Hewlett Packard, Symantec Corporation and Intel Security. Rajesh specializes in Data Networking & Security, he holds a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and an MBA in Marketing Management.

Rajesh has also been active in Silicon Valley entrepreneurial circles. He is the past President of Silicon Valley Indian Professionals Association and has spoken at different business forums. He is also the organizer of First US-India Business Council meeting in Santa Clara, California, which was attended by US Secretary of Commerce Mr. Ron Brown and Indian Finance Minister. Rajesh was also an invited speaker at the First Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas in New Delhi and was recognized by Indian Prime Minister Bajpayee for his contributions towards expanding US-India Business relationship. Rajesh is a regular contributor in major publications.

Many of our customers have moved from vestorvest and ino marketclub to priceseries. They find priceseries to be providing more accurate trading information than either vectorvest or ino marketclub. Some of the customers have found that their overall profitability has increased in comparison when they were using vectorvest or ino marketclub.