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US$29.99/Month OR US$310.00/Year

Designed for MACD traders to identify and track the best opportunities in S&P500 stocks.

Analysis updated 4 times every trading day, access from desktop & mobile platforms.

About MACDVisor for S&P500 Stocks

MACDVisor is a web-based trade analysis platform providing hourly stock analysis for S&P500 stocks. The product was released in 2018 and is used by hundreds of customers today. Key features of the product include:

  • No software to install.
  • The analysis covers both Long & Short trades of S&P500 stocks.
  • Use your entry, exit, and stop-loss strategy. MACDVisor provides the MACD trend change signals.
  • Access analysis from both Desktop & Mobile devices.
  • Daily Chart and MACD signals are updated 4 times during the trading day. Approximate update times (10:05 AM, 12:05 PM, 2:05 PM, 4:05 PM Eastern time).
  • Color-coded MACD trend display on charts for easier trend reading.
  • Identify opportunities based on the potential gain.
  • Filter on price range and search for the stock by symbol or company name.
  • Videos to learn to trade MACD and use MACDVisor for profitability.
  • $29.99 monthly or $310.00 Annual subscription Paypal / Stripe automatic recurring charges.

Why only S&P500 stocks?

Companies have to exhibit consistent execution and revenue to enter and remain in the prestigious S&P500 list. These stocks represent the best companies in the industry and take away your burden of performing fundamental stock analysis. You can trade the stock on pure technical analysis on a short-term basis.

MACDVisor for S&P500 Trade Results

MACDVisor for S&P500 Stocks Product Video

This video:

  • Explains simple Trading concepts.
  • How to trade using MACD indicator.
  • Few S&P500 Long & Short trade examples.
  • A quick listing of new opportunities by MACDVisor
  • Selecting best trading opportunities
  • Desktop and Mobile demo of Watchlist, price filtering, stock search, trades table sorting, etc.

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