India HNI Services

India High Neworth Investors (HNI) Services

priceSeries India High Net Worth Investors (HNI) advisory services, cater to the financial needs and objectives of individuals with investments of over ₹5 Crores (₹50M). These personalized services are designed to provide tailored financial guidance and investment strategies to help HNIs grow and preserve their wealth effectively. Here is an overview of what HNI advisory services entail:

  • Ongoing access to trading experts to devise a custom trading strategy.
  • 24x7 Access to Nifty Advisor Software with analysis of over 750+ NIFTY Index stocks to help you make effective trading decisions.

Nifty Advisor Features

priceSeries AI Price Targets

ONGC stock target price and headroom.

Target Price

ONGC Share Example

Selecting stocks based on the potential gain is a common investment strategy and is used by both, individuals and institutions alike. The goal of the strategy is to select stocks that have the potential to generate the highest returns shortly.

While there is no guaranteed way to predict the stock performance, the priceSeries Analyzer pre-calculates an anticipated target price for the stocks and helps the trader to pick the stocks with the potential for high returns.

The priceSeries Advisor platform aggregates all existing opportunities and lists the potential Target Price and potential Percent Gain (Headroom). This allows a trader to select and execute his best trades.

RELIANCE Reliance share priceSeries trend change chart

Trade the Trend

BUY the Green / HOLD the Yellow / SELL on Sell-Below
Reliance Share Example

Trend trading is a popular investment strategy that involves buying and holding assets that are experiencing an uptrend, and selling those that are in a downtrend. The goal of trend trading is to capitalize on market movements and to make profits by riding the trend for as long as possible. Trend trading is based on the idea that markets tend to move in cycles and that prices tend to follow a specific direction.
priceSeries Advisor platform identifies the trends for you. It uses a simple color coding to illustrate an Up Trend (Green) and Down Trend ( Yellow).

ADANIEN Adani Enterprises share priceSeries chart

Red Line - the Sell-Below Price

Adani Enterprise Share Example

Investing in the stock market is a great way to grow your wealth over time, but it is also important to know when to sell a stock to maximize your profits and minimize losses. Making the right decision is complex for a trader. This decision-making has been made easy by the priceSeries Analyzer platform.

The platform provides a sell-below price level for all stocks. This level indicates that when the stock price falls below the said level, the stock trend enters a bearish phase and it may be a good idea to sell the stock to avoid potential losses.

Projected Price Targets Achieved by priceSeries Advisor Platform

Achieve potential Price Targets

TA - Target Achieved - (More than 90% Accuracy)

The priceSeries platform has a unique distinction of achieving above 90% accuracy in achieving the self-projected price level.

Eicher Motors share Projected Price Target Achieved by priceSeries Advisor Platform

Combine with Options to multiply profits

Eicher Motors Share Example

A trader could multiply the profits by leveraging options since the high target and sell-below points are known. Your broker should be able to provide the details on available option strategies that may be available to you.


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