High Networth Individual (HNI) Services

priceSeries HNI Services

priceSeries High Net Worth Individual (HNI) technical advisory services, cater to the financial needs and objectives of individuals & businesses with substantial investment wealth. These personalized services are designed to provide tailored financial guidance and investment strategies to help HNIs grow and preserve their wealth effectively. Portfolio advice combined with software delivers the magic.

  • Personalized Investment Strategies: Get customized investment strategies based on your risk tolerance, financial goals, and unique circumstances.
  • Dedicated Relationship: Get a dedicated relationship manager or team that offers personalized advice, regular portfolio reviews, and updates on market trends, ensuring that investment decisions align with their financial objectives.
  • Risk Management: The services often focus on risk management strategies, aiming to preserve wealth while seeking growth.
  • Exclusive Research and Insights: Get in-depth market insights, priceSeries views, and analysis to make well-informed investment decisions
  • Combine these services with 24x7 access to your Market specific Advisor software.

Advisor Software

priceSeries Advisor Product

Covers Index stocks in your market.
Target Price forecasting.
Know when to sell.
Higher gains, lower risk.
24x7 web access.
Easy color-coded Trading.

ROI Guarantee

Advisor ROI Guarantee

Stock markets are unpredictable - priceSeries guarantees that our customers will recover their Annual Fees paid to priceSeries for any Advisor Software. priceSeries will identify opportunities, share them with you, and help you recover your ROI.

What our Customer's Say

My portfolio moved from marginally positive to highly positive in a short time and Low-risk stocks. priceSeries has great Advisors and software. The value to me is a no-brainer. I recommend it to everyone.

priceSeries approaches the problem from an investor's mindset and helps me pick the winners to start with. This is very different from other trading software that I have used in the past. I am not going back to the old methods.

Hot tips are a reality in a trader's life. Earlier, I used to fall for them and make mistakes. Not anymore, it takes me just a few minutes to validate the tip in Advisor.

The knowledgeable advisors at priceSeries shielded me through the market-making activities to safeguard my investments. Their price predictions are highly accurate.

HNI Services for Different Markets

India HNI Services

  • Covers 700+ NSE Index stocks
  • Minimum portfolio of ₹50M
  • 1on1 portfolio & trade discussions
  • 24x7 access to Nifty Advisor Software

Japan HNI Services

  • Covers 225 Nikkie Index stocks
  • Minimum portfolio of ¥750M
  • 1on1 portfolio & trade discussions
  • 24x7 access to Nikkie Advisor Software

US HNI Services

  • Covers Russell 1000 Index stocks
  • Minimum portfolio of US$5M
  • 1on1 portfolio & trade discussions
  • 24x7 access to Russell 1000 Advisor Software