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Get comprehensive analytics and advanced filtering at your fingertips. Start making informed decisions and maximize your profits today.

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Optimize your trading with EZPro, the leading stock market scanner offering data analysis, customizable filtering options, and detailed analytics. Perfect for beginners and experienced traders, EZPro provides tools to refine your investment strategy. Start using EZPro today and gain the competitive edge you need in the stock market. Available for US & India markets.

Trend Trade the Index stocks

Stocks on indexes like S&P500, NASDAQ100, NIFTY500, FTSE100, etc. are selected based on a combination of market capitalization, liquidity, financial stability, industry representation, and compliance with regulatory standards. These characteristics ensure that the indices provide a reliable and comprehensive reflection of the market or sector they aim to represent. Performing fundamental analysis on these stocks is redundant.

Scan for Trading

The priceSeries platform finds the best trading opportunities for you and lists them for you.

Best Trend Trading

The priceSeries platform finds the best trading opportunities for you and lists them for you.

Trade Entry

Get the Entry prices when you enter the medium-term trade. These prices are updated throughout the day.

What Our Customers Say

priceSeries is brilliant. It gives me different ways to pull a list depending on my trading style. Since I am a day trader and swing trader, I use the spurt up or down and also the MACD new bullish or bearish searches to pull a list and sort it by headroom to create a list for the next day. In addition, the select stock list emailed to customers daily is excellent- I have traded many of those suggestions successfully. The customer service is great. They promptly call to discuss and answer my questions. I would recommend the site without reservation.

Dr. Sree R. M.D.

San Diego, California USA

I am a swing trader and priceSeries technical filters are great. I can create a list of target stocks early in the morning. Being in the UK gives me an advantage of observing US pre-market trading and I am able to quickly identify the stocks on the move. I have to say that priceSeries are a welcome change after using VectorVest for a long time. This is simple, clean, and friendly and I like it. /p>

Walter L.

Hackney, UK

I have been trading stocks for 34 years. Recently, I have been day trading and pattern trading. I have been looking for a tool that can help me select stocks with a good chance of short-term and long-term gain. Though I have used tools to give me trends about stocks, I have never had a tool to provide stock selection and successful buy and sell recommendations. Now, I can get both of these capabilities in priceSeries. I am now trading with a higher rate of success. Let's rake in money now!

Siamak A.

Cupertino, California USA

Last year I lost my job and started looking at trading as an alternative. I found priceSeries in a Google search and signed up for a free trial. I found the software to be a little beyond my understanding of trading so I called customer service. I was pleasantly surprised when the person walked me through the software on the phone as well as guided me on how to select stocks to trade as a novice. It was a great experience and I signed up for their service. Now I am making decent earnings as a starter and hope to increase my market participation shortly. A big thank you to the team at priceSeries.

Chris M.

Phoenix, Arizona USA

I used to struggle to become profitable in the stock market. I did not know when to buy and when to sell in the market. By simply following priceSeries, I can buy & sell and make a profit most of the time. I am thankful to priceSeries for making it easier for me to make money. Good luck to priceSeries. Happy trading!

Tarun K.S.

Gurgaon, India

My job keeps me fully occupied during the day and often at odd hours. I have a good income but don't have time to personally manage it. I tried hiring an investment advisor - that also did not work out. I was referred to priceSeries - I was surprised at ow simple it was for me to manage my own money. I make my trading decisions late at night or when I have time and give instructions to my broker accordingly.

Kevin D.

Lawrence Park N, Toronto, Canada

The system crunches the numbers to find explosive moves that you could not find on your own.

Anthony C.

Middletown, New Jersey, USA

Being a short-term trader, I love to trade the priceSeries Top Picks and get very consistent positive results. Customer service is knowledgeable, they answer all my questions and are very prompt with their email replies.

Leon K.

Limberg, Germany

priceSeries has removed the emotion from my trading. It has made me a better trader as it allows me to cut my losses early and let my good trades play out. As a result, I am a more comfortable and profitable trader than ever.

Eric M.

Fairborn, Ohio USA

I trade on a professional basis. I have seen many trading software but one of the constant tools I use is priceSeries. I love their Adaptive Stop Loss algorithm calculations and use it as a second opinion for my trades. They never bother you with up-sell sales calls or Spam emails, a strangely great quality in the financial services industry. They let their product speak for itself and the customer service is prompt, knowledgeable, and understands my perspective.

Bill T.

St. Paul, Minnesota USA

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