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Irhythm Technologies Inc. Trade Record

NASDAQ:IRTC Irhythm Technologies Inc stock gains 6.62% Exit Sep 19, 2017 a Trade Record by priceseries

Trade Chart
Trade Chart IRTC Aug 28, 2017, priceSeries
About Irhythm Technologies Inc

iRhythm Technologies, Inc., a digital healthcare company, focuses on the provision of ambulatory electrocardiogram, or ECG, monitoring for patients at risk for arrhythmias in the United States. It offers ZIO Service, a platform that provides wearable biosensor with cloud-based data analytics that distill data from heartbeats into clinically actionable information. The company was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Trade Information
Trade Type
Entry Date
Aug 28, 2017
Entry Price
Sell Date
Sep 19, 2017
Sell Price
Net Gain
Hold Time
15 Trading Days