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Dec-8-2023BHPBHP Group Ltd.47.74SWING ENTRY
Dec-13-2023IAGInsurance Australia Group Ltd.5.71SWING EXIT
Dec-14-2023NSTNorthern Star Resources Ltd.13.18SWING ENTRY
Dec-18-2023MGRMirvac Group2.04SWING EXIT
Dec-18-2023AMCAmcor Plc.14.47SWING EXIT
Dec-21-2023MGOCMagellan Global Fund2.71SWING EXIT
Dec-21-2023COHCochlear Ltd.295.39SWING EXIT
Dec-4-2023IAGInsurance Australia Group Ltd.5.83SWING ENTRY
Dec-21-2023BXBBrambles Ltd.13.54SWING ENTRY
Dec-4-2023FMGFortescue Metals Group Ltd.25.29SWING ENTRY
Dec-4-2023ANZAustralia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd.24.45SWING ENTRY
Dec-4-2023ALLAristocrat Leisure Ltd.40.44SWING ENTRY
Dec-6-2023WESWesfarmers Ltd.53.30SWING ENTRY
Dec-6-2023TLSTelstra Corp. Ltd.3.85SWING ENTRY
Dec-6-2023SHLSonic Healthcare Ltd.30.12SWING ENTRY
Dec-6-2023SGPStockland4.15SWING ENTRY
Dec-6-2023MGOCMagellan Global Fund2.72SWING ENTRY
Dec-6-2023GMGGoodman Group23.48SWING ENTRY
Dec-6-2023DXSDexus7.23SWING ENTRY
Dec-22-2023RMDResmed Inc25.55SWING EXIT

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