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Sep-18-2023INTCIntel Corp.37.99SWING EXIT
Sep-19-2023WMTWalmart163.38SWING EXIT
Sep-20-2023SNDLSunDial Growers1.98SWING EXIT
Sep-20-2023MUMicron Technology, Inc.69.68SWING ENTRY
Sep-20-2023IBMIBM Corp.149.83SWING ENTRY
Sep-20-2023GOOGAlphabet Inc.134.59SWING EXIT
Sep-21-2023PANWPalo Alto Networks, Inc.227.44SWING EXIT
Aug-29-2023BABAAlibaba Gp Hlg Ltd.94.03SWING ENTRY, Inc.129.33SWING EXIT
Aug-31-2023SNDLSunDial Growers1.79SWING ENTRY
Sep-7-2023NVDANVIDIA Corp.462.41SWING EXIT
Sep-7-2023MTCHMatch Group, Inc.44.48SWING EXIT
Sep-7-2023BABAAlibaba Gp Hlg Ltd.89.97SWING EXIT
Sep-11-2023CSCOCisco Systems, Inc.56.84SWING EXIT, Inc.143.10SWING ENTRY
Sep-11-2023AMATApplied Materials, Inc.146.71SWING EXIT
Sep-12-2023ORCLOracle Corp.109.61SWING EXIT
Sep-13-2023BBBlackberry Ltd.5.51SWING ENTRY
Sep-14-2023YELPYelp Inc.43.57SWING EXIT
Sep-22-2023MUMicron Technology, Inc.68.88SWING EXIT

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