W&T Offshore, Inc. Trade Analysis by priceSeries

W&T Offshore, Inc., Trade Analysis

Full Trade Animation

Day by Day Analysis

Day 1

System identifies the trade, shown by Blue up arrow.
Stock puts up a red candle, we need for further confirmation of before entering into a trade.
Trading Risk: Very High

Day 2

Very positive price action.
TCHANNELS® and Target breakout move.
High Risk traders can choose to enter the trade above the Entry price levels
Trading Risk: High

Day 3

Another day with meek price aaction.
Trade not qualified as a Top Pick
Trading Risk: Very High

Day 4

Positive price action.
Low Risk traders must wait for another breakout.
Trading Risk: High

Day 9

TCHANNELS® and resistence breakout.
Low Risk traders can enter the trade
High Risk traders can increase their holdings
Trading Risk: Moderate

Day 17

The prices seem to be receding from the resistence level

Day 22

Trade exit on Stop Loss.