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Between Jan 1, 2017, and Sep 30, 2017, our platform found
➢ 1254 Trades gaining between 10%-20%
➢ 376 Trades gaining between 20%-30%
➢ 244 Trades gaining between 30%-50%
➢ 121 Trades gaining over 50%
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➢ Bullish & Bearish Scans on Daily & Weekly -
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➢ Live TradingView Charts, news, company information for your Research
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Our Algorithmic Trade Results

Time Frame
Jan 1, 2016 - Dec 31, 2016
Jan 1, 2017 - Sep 30, 2017
Total trades above 10%
Trade gains breakdown
Trades with gain between 10%-20%
2706 (62.48%)
1254 (62.86%)
Trades with gain between 20%-30%
911 (21.03%)
376 (18.85%)
Trades with gain between 30%-50%
508 (11.73%)
244 (12.23%)
Trades with gain above 50%
206 (4.76%)
121 (6.07%)


Smart Investing

Most of us invest in stocks through our 401K, IRA, Mutual funds, company stock options, ESPP, RSUs and other investments. However, stocks trading comes with financial risks. Not everyone is a skilled investor and knows exactly when to buy and when to sell a stock. For a long time, we have been dependent on advice from investment professionals however, the previous crashes of 2002 and 2009 have proved that they are mere humans and often biased towards their self-interests. This means that you are literally on your own to earn every extra penny you deserve. When the market goes up 30% in a year, does your portfolio reflect a similar gain? if not, then you should be doing something about it.


What we do

Navigating the markets successfully requires skill, patience and a consistent trading strategy which yields results. Our sophisticated computer algorithms do all the heavy lifting under the hood to analyze a stock based on its current price. This is called price action analysis. Our system identifies stocks which are moving into or getting out of the current trend. Easily accessible over the internet our analysis products work on End of the Day (EOD) market data and update their analysis every trading day, few hours after the close of the market, This means you can access our analysis at any time without having to install any software.

We provide the finest web based Algorithmic trade advisor and trading strategy based market scanner.


Product Review

"TradeVisor™ is one of the most powerful stock research and analysis platforms on the market. It takes the legwork out of searching for high-probability trades thanks to sophisticated machine intelligence algorithms under the hood. It serves as a robust idea generation pipeline for swing and intra-day traders. Powerful simplicity at a great value!"

In comparison to VectorVest, TradeVisor™ is a breath of fresh air, a straightforward out-of-the-box streamlined, powerful yet simple platform, without all the supposed “bells and whistles”, gimmicks and endless sales pitches. Rated 5 Stars( )  


Customer Review

I have been trading stocks for 34 years. Recently, I am day trading and pattern trading. I have been looking for a tool that can help me select stocks with a good chance of short-term and long-term gain. Though I have used tools to give me trends about stocks, I have never had a tool to provide stock selection and successful buy and sell recommendation. Now, I can get both of these capabilities in priceSeries. I am now trading with a higher rate of success. Let’s rake in money now!

priceSeries Customer
California, USA

How are the trades executed?

TradeVisor™ screen shot

Trade Identification

TradeVisor™ program scans the daily market and identifies new potential trading opportunities for the user to trade.

Stop Loss

A Stop Loss value for every trade is calculated daily through our Adaptive Stop Loss algorithm to minimize trading risk. Customers are free to use their own stop loss or trailing stop loss values. The trader is expected to update the stop loss value on his/her trading platform to lock in profits.

BUY signal issued for traders

A BUY signal is issued for risk-averse traders after confirming the trend. Technical traders who can evaluate the risk on their own can enter the trade immediately after the signal. The trader places a BUY order using his regular trading platform.

SELL signal issued for traders

The system monitors the negative price action and issues a SELL signal for any existing trades.

Stop Loss Order is executed

The trade's stop loss order is executed at the set price and the trader exits the trade with higher profits and minimal risk.

Stock price continues to fall

After the trader has exited the trade, the stock continues to fall without impacting the profits made by the trader..

Many of our customers have moved from vestorvest and ino marketclub to priceseries. They find priceseries to be providing more accurate trading information than either vectorvest or ino marketclub. Some of the customers have found that their overall profitability has increased in comparison when they were using vectorvest or ino marketclub.